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Product line

Metal parts produced through precision lost wax casting

Hollow-shaped parts with ceramic cores

Secondary processing to complex shaped lost wax parts


Daiji Takahashi

Description of business

Since its foundation in 1964、KINGPARTS operates as a manufacturer specializing in precision lost wax casting. In order to achieve high quality, speedy response, and stable supply, KINGPARTS is committed to 100% domestic production and "integrated production of molds, casting, and machining".

The complex-shaped metal parts manufactured are used in a variety of business fields. KINGPARTS takes on the challenge of manufacturing parts that are difficult to produce using other manufacturing methods.

Products and Technologies

Expanding the potential of lost wax casting

Initiatives for medical instruments ➡ Production of complex parts through near net shape manufacturing


●Process reduction: Changed from machining to lost wax casting

The CAD drawings were created and lost-wax casting was realized for the retractor, which was conventionally manufactured by craftsmen's hand scraping from materials.

This operation reduced finishing work and led to cost reductions.

Medical device components

●Stainless steel casting also possible with lost wax

KINGPARTS can handle a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, low alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper, and stainless steel, which is often used in medical device parts.
Lost wax offers a number of advantages in small-lot production and is suited to the characteristics of medical devices, which include the production of a wide variety of products in small quantities.

Lost wax can be used in a number of different situations, including in food and chemical machines, as well as for medical components.

Lost wax can mold complex shapes that would be impossible with dies!

Ceramic cores, soluble wax, wax lamination, and mold sliding mold to the side ... etc. are all used.

Ceramic core products

●Ceramic core technology: Casting technology for products with complex internal structures

The item in the photo has thin, wing-shaped sections with a hollow cavity inside the wing (as seen in the cross-sectional view). This cavity is cast with cores injected and molded with ceramic, which are then dissolved and cast.

Some products have hollowed-out openings of around 0.7 mm.

Yellow-green part is soluble wax

●Soluble wax technology: Casting complex, hollow-shaped parts that are difficult to mold with dies

① Place water-soluble wax in a die. Wrap the outside in regular wax.
② Soak the die in water to dissolve the soluble wax.
③ This process produces wax models with internal cavities.

Complex shapes can be assembled

●Wax laminating technology

For complex shapes that cannot be pulled out of a mold, KIGPARTS creates waxes by separating several parts.

Wax models can also be produced by assembling the parts like plastic models.

Undercut shape

●Mold sliding to the side

By sliding molds to the side, it is possible to produce undercut shapes that cannot be manufactured by ordinary casting method.

Heat-resistant steel casting is available

Casting of super heat-resistant materials is also available upon request!

Vacuum casting furnace

●Vacuum casting

In addition to ordinary lost waxing, special heat-resistant alloys and magnetic materials containing oxidation or nitride-prone components can also be melted. Vacuum casting is also available to reduce the gas content in the metal without polluting the atmosphere.

Its vacuum casting furnaces can also cast nickel-based alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, etc.) and cobalt-based alloys (Stellite, X-45, etc.).

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Daiji Takahashi
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1964 / 1964
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