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Product line

Industrial design models

Vacuum injection molded products


Toshiya Kurihara

Description of business

Taisei Monac has 30 years of technology and experience stemming from design model fabrication in manufacturing prototypes. They consult on making both plastic and metal models, including painting, plating and silk-screening processes, ranging from prototype originals to finished products.

Products and Technologies

NC Machine Work, Insert Casting, Design Painting

Manufacturing Based on Long Years of Experience, Producing Industrial Prototype Models

Taisei Monac operates a professional factory specializing in the machining, vacuum casting and decoration of industrial design models. They have accumulated 30 years of technology and experience in the manufacture of prototypes through their involvement in design model fabrication.
By employing a self-developed casting machine and curing kiln, Taisei Monac is providing transparent cast products with significantly less bubbles.
Taisei Monac also produces various models using a complete internal system that covers material prototypes machined using numerical control, the tinting of design models, painting, assembly and finishing. They also welcome customer design drawings.

Prototype Creation Based On Hand-Made Manufacture

Taisei Monac can handle customer requests whether the designs are in the form of sketches, two-dimensional data or three-dimensional data.
They employ these materials to create dummy models, working models to confirm functionality, presentations, catalog pictures, design verification and a variety of other operations.

Taisei Monac has also developed its own machine for silicon mold casting that exceeds the capabilities of commercial casting machines. This machine allows them to provide finished products with close to zero bubbles, even in the case of transparent parts.

Taisei Monac furthermore paints its products internally, performing tinting to enhance color precision. They can also perform surface treatments that result in glossy, matte or satin-like products.

Corporate Profile

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1-5-8 Sumida, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0912, Japan
Toshiya Kurihara
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