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Product line

Precision cut plastic components

Plastic machine covers

Ebonite floats for air valves


Masahiro Kurokawa

Description of business

With their unique cutting technology, KSK handles a variety of plastic products such as for precision machinery, providing inexpensive work with a fast turn-around even for single-item jobs. Their wide range of in-house processing includes hot gas welding, bending and adhesive assembly, meeting customer specifications with great precision.

Products and Technologies

No dies needed! Plastic products made quickly with cutting

Creating plastic products with cutting processes.
This approach greatly decreases the time and costs required for production compared to molding because no die is required. SAKAI handles a variety of plastic components such as those for use in precision machinery, and is capable of turning around jobs quickly and inexpensively even for single-item projects.
Their wide range of in-house work includes hot gas welding, bending and adhesive assembly, meeting customer specifications with precision.

The materials that SAKAI works with range from Bakelite and ebonite to the latest development in engineering plastics.

SAKAI has been making spherical floats out of ebonite for use in air valves for plumbing since their founding in 1933. Their floats range in size to as large as 240 mm in diameter.
Reaching for the stars
When the Higashi Osaka satellite Maido-1 was under production, SAKAI participated in the process, manufacturing major components for the antenna storage unit. Their technology is thus circling the globe, assisting with communications.

Customized PVC pipes

PVC is used as a material for plumbing pipes as well as other pipe products. Some applications require customized PVC pipe sizes. To meet this demand, SAKAI heats industrial PVC boards in an electric oven, and welds the seams to create PVC pipes customized to size, then applies its finishing treatment for the final product.
(Note that the color of the welded portion cannot be made the same color as the pipe material)

Ebonite floats for plumbing air valves

Since their founding in 1933, SAKAI has produced spherical floats for air relief valves that are used in plumbing. Until the 1980s, such floats were cut into a spherical shape on a potter’s wheel.
Although floats are generally now created using a ball bearings polishing process, the cutting process is still used for customized dimensions and small-lot orders. SAKAI manufactures floats up to 240 mm in diameter.

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2-1-47 Mizuhai, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0921, Japan
Masahiro Kurokawa
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