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Product line

Products fabricated by photo-etching

Ultra-thin products fabricated by half-etching

Products fabricated by etching and diffusion bonding


Mitsuru Okuda

Description of business

SGK introduced a large-scale automatic photo-etching line, which had been considered impossible and implemented mass production of long and fine products free of burrs and distortions. In addition, we offer leading-edge technologies of metal working such as micromachining of thick laminates using diffusion bonding, and fabrication of ultra-thin edge faces by half-etching.

Products and Technologies

Creating the future of photo-etching and possibilities towards the unknown

Large-size speakers ― achievements and new challenges!

Large-size speakers ― achievements and new challenges!
Micro-hole drilling, press drawing, etc.
Bold and refined coloring of every kind.

Ultrafine slits for compact speakers, encoders, etc.
Mass processing of small holes.

This is an advantage of etching technologies. Designs and functions, which were considered impossible so far, can now be realized at a low cost.

Etching + Diffusion bonding

We manufacture high-aspect-ratio products and products with complex cross-sectional shapes by stacking and diffusion bonding of multiple photo-etched metal plates. In so doing, etching technology can be increased in application dramatically, and we can provide micromachining and complex shape forming of thick laminates which do not segregate even when bent or drawn.

Deep holes or taper holes, which are difficult to machine mechanically, can be fabricated by laminating of photo-etched plates with holes of oval, rectangular and other shapes up to necessary thickness.

Half-etching + Through-etching

Appropriate combination of half-etching (etching only one side at arbitrary depth) and common shape-forming etching provides more freedom of design.

This is the best solution to form a screw spot facing or to obtain an ultra-thin edge face, while providing excellent design properties.

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3-7-1, Techno-stage, Izumi city, Osaka, 594-1144, Japan
Mitsuru Okuda
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