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Sintered metal parts

Sensor covers

Suction plates and heads


Isamu Kodan

Description of business

Quality, Delivery deadline, Price – needless to say. Kodan Metal believes that even better metal sintering can be achieved when these are spiced with a little playful spirit. 'Good job' and 'playful spirit' appear contradictory at the first glance but Kodan Metal thinks that this combination is helpful to achieve a higher level. The best compliment for Kodan Metal is 'fun'.

Products and Technologies

Kodan Metal can do it because they are pellet sintering craftsmen.

Metal filters tailored for specific uses

●Sintered compact processing under the optimal conditions based on a 30-year experience
●’Simultaneous sintering’ – no need to weld sintered parts and metal parts
●Stackable ‘laminated wire mesh’
●Mechanical processing of sintered metals due to anti-clogging treatment
●Fabrication of porous solids through large particle cohesion

As sintering experts, Kodan Metal utilizes functional features of porous metal solids to offer optimal products for solving a number of problems such as straining out impurities from fluids, absorbing sound energy, gas drainage, explosion protection, and fluid flow straightening.

Sintered metals (porous)

Realization of high mechanical strength at low density

●Porous sinters of Kodan Metal
Kodan Metal fabricates porous sintered compacts with large air voids using metal particles. The size of voids inside an element can be adjusted as required via the size of metal powder (particles).
The wide range of materials includes bronze, stainless steel (SUS), pure aluminum (Al), pure copper (Cu), pure titan (Ti), and alumina (Al2O3).
Kodan Metal can respond from test production and research and development of a single piece to mass production by several thousand pieces. In addition, they can machine and weld fittings tailored to sintered compacts.

Sintered metals (porous)

●Simultaneous sintering

At Kodan Metal, an original process of simultaneous sintering is used to join sintered parts and metal parts. This process can be applied to precise sensors because of the absence of welding effects. Moreover, upon request they can provide plating by an original technology

Laminated wire mesh suction plates and heads

Support for suction of materials not attracted by magnets

●Wire mesh - point attachment
Stainless wire meshes are stacked and sintered to obtain a laminated wire mesh with point contact.

Wire mesh

Kodan Metal adjusts filter pores through the number of stacked meshes.
Their meshes are free of wire loosening and broken holes, have outstanding machinability and durability, and can be used for long, repeated periods.
Lamination up to 7 layers and no-mandrel fabrication is also possible; prototype production, research and development starts form a single piece.

Suction plates and heads

●Perfect for suction plates
Wires are woven, and contact surface is spherical in any cross section. Hence no sticking occurs like in suction plates made of sintered metal.

In addition, fluorine surface treatment is possible so that water can be repelled while air is passed.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
2-6-6, Kamihigashi, Hirano-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 547-0002, Japan
Isamu Kodan
Founded / Established
1960 / 1980
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