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Metal heat treatment processing

Metal surface treatment processing


Yoshio Kawabata

Description of business

FINETECH INC. is a specialist in "vacuum heat processing," which it cultivated through many years of metal heat processing. It utilizes a short-term delivery business model and are taking on the challenge of a special process for airplane parts.
FINETECH makes use of its group companies' super-hard ceramic coating technology, and provides very hard, strong, and precise vacuum heat processing that is delivered quickly.

Products and Technologies

Prompt heat processing of aircraft-related parts is possible even in Osaka.

Equipment complying with AMS

The latest vacuum heat-treating furnace made by Ipsen in Germany

Vacuum furnace made by Ipsen in Germany

Working zone: 610×900×610H
 Treatment weight: 800kg
 Maximum temperature: 1320℃
 Attained degree of vacuum: High vacuum of 10⁻³Pa or less
 Furnace class: Class 2 (150-640℃)
           Class 4 (640-1100℃)
 Instrumentation type: Type B/C
Complying with AMS2750E (high-temperature measurement), AMS2769B (vacuum heat processing)
 Handled processing:
  Heat processing of PH steel
  Heat processing of martensitic stainless steel
  Heat processing of nickel/cobalt alloy
  Heat processing of titan/titan alloy

Vacuum heat treatment processing

Providing vacuum heat processing that has little distortion.

Large vacuum furnace (760W×1300L×760H)

● Vacuum heat processing
This is a method in which materials are overheated at a high temperature inside an airtight container that has been decompressed by a vacuum pump, and are then cooled by nitrogen gas or oil and hardened. Treatment at high temperatures of 1,000 degrees or more is possible, and the method is broadly applied to hardening of things such as dies steel and high-speed steel.

● FINETCH's technology
Since its establishment, it has specialized in heat treatment of dies steel for metal press molds, and in order to handle various shapes it conducts the most appropriate control of treatment processes for overheating and cooling. Molds for automobiles that have undergone complicated three-dimensional processing also have extremely little distortion, and FINETECH provides heat treatment that maximizes the characteristics of the materials.
In addition, because the vacuum heat treatment furnace manages the temperature distribution within the furnace with extremely high precision, it is optimal for heat treatment of precision parts. FINTECH also conducts solution treatment and aging treatment for stainless steel, utilizes batch-type characteristics, and uniformly conducts treatment down to deep portions.

Establishment of an air, space, and quality assurance system

Guaranteeing quality that has met rigorous demands.

Compliant with Nadcap
Furnace-controlling software

● Creation of a special process management system
FINETECH utilizes their company's strengths of vacuum heat treatment and the ability to handle quick delivery, and takes on the challenge of heat treatment processing for airplane parts, which is a growth industry.
*JISQ9100 certification: Obtained in January 2015
*AMS2750E, AMS2759/3E, ASTM E18-12: Obtained special equipment approval for major accessory manufacturers in November 2014

* Solution treatment and stress relief for austenitic stainless steel

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Yoshio Kawabata
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