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Product line

Anti-loose lock nuts (E-LOCK, SMART NUT, SMART CLIP)

Various nuts (spank (blind nut), flange nut, welding nut, hex nut with disc spring)

Rollers, collars, bushings, headed products


Yoshiaki Okuno

Description of business

Osaka Forming Co., Ltd. offers safety and security based on the concept of products that are good for the seller, the buyer, and society, through its lineup of bolts, nuts, rivets and washers. Osaka Forming will work to promote QCD to gain higher levels of confidence from its customers in the future.
The high-quality products manufactured by heading professionals include E-LOCK (locking nuts); spank nuts (blind nuts); flange nuts, welding nuts, and hex nuts with disc springs; collars, bushings, rollers; prototypes of headed products (nuts, parts, etc.), software development for manufacturers of screws, springs, etc. Features of Osaka Forming’s products include a rich lineup and the flexibility to cope with various kinds of small quantity manufacturing.

Products and Technologies

Meeting customers' various needs with the production of various fasteners

Osaka Forming specializes in the production of stainless steel and titanium using warm heading processes. The company has achieved highly productive technologies and efficiency by making full use of forging process technologies. Most notably, the E-LOCK series (locking nut), a new brand of locking nut that maximizes safety and security, provides sound confidence to customers with its rich lineup of product variations that can offer suppport for every situation and meet the needs of customers.

2012: Winner of the 'CHO' MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award (Machine parts award)
2012: Winner of the 2012 Osaka Monodzukuri Excellent Company Award
2013: Winner of the Regional Development Excellence Award
2015: Winner of the "MONODZUKURI" New Selection in KANSAI 2015

E-LOCK NUT(anti-loose lock nut)

■E-LOCK design

●The E-LOCK is designed using a nut and friction ring. A recess is set on the top surface of the nut and a friction ring is placed along the lead corner of the screw. It is fixed to the top surface by caulking for integration.
●The friction ring has wings with a three-dimensional shape, which are placed along the lead angle of the screw. Uniform stress is generated in the two wings, and a stable prevailing torque is generated.
●This design prevents early dropout, even if the axial tightening force drops.
●The E-LOCK has superior heat- and cold-resistance since it is completely made of metal.
●The E-LOCK has a reasonable stable locking function and can withstand repeated usage with the three-dimensional structure that does not place extreme stress on the friction ring.

E-LOCK (Standard & compact size), E-LOCK (Flange nut type), E-LOCK (Square weld nut type),
E-LOCK (Blind nut type), E-LOCK (Cap types)

SMART-NUT (High-performance locking nut)

The SMART NUT achieves a strong locking effect and stable axial load capacity by attaching a friction ring (Point 2) to the top side of the nut and using a SURFACE HOLLOW structure (Point 1) that provides access to the screw holes on the lower side. The SMART NUT can be used for a wide variety of situations and the double-locking effect offers customers safety and peace of mind.
With a counter-sinking design on the bearing surface, the SMART NUT can be used in a wide range of environments as it enhances the gripping force of the axial load on the bolt, and integrates superior stability and the effects of preventing detachment with the use of a friction ring.

Easy to fasten plates at out of reach!

The patented clip-on nut with locking function

OSAKA FORMING’s clip nut, SMART CLIP, clips onto the edge of sheet metal. It is shaped like the letter S and is used in panel assembly, such as a sound proof wall on a high way. It is applicable at any out of reach location.

It consists of in-house quality parts: an S letter shaped clip + a spacer + SMART NUT (High-performance locking nut)

SMART NUT included

SMART CLIP is simple to clip-on, of cost saving structure without welding process and achieves a strong locking effect and stable axial load capacity by the included SMART NUT.

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Yoshiaki Okuno
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