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Stamped metal parts

Laser Processed Metal Products

Simple installation-type chain stairs (for escape and climbing)


Kozo Matsumora

Description of business

In addition to mass-produced stamped parts, MATSUMORA is capable of accepting orders for small-quantity, high-mix machine parts, parts for factory equipment lines, parts for conveyor systems and more. It has established an integrated production system for sheet metal products, including post-processing hole drilling, bending, welding and machining by use of five laser processing machines, including a fiber laser as the main axis, and can deliver from a few pieces to mass production as requested.
Depending on the quantity and shape, MATSUMORA's strength lies in its ability to offer customers either laser processing machines or press work including dies.

Products and Technologies

Small-quantity, high-mix metalworking is vaialable

Leave it to MATSUMORA for custom made sheet metal stamping, laser processing, and machining!

Laser processing machine

Laser processing is ideal for complex shapes, thick plates, small-lot products, and blanks for prototypes. The company can also be entrusted with drilling and cutting out irregular shapes.
MATSUMORA can also weld without a jig by marking when welding is required after laser processing. It can be relied on for welding even for small-lot orders.

Milling machine

MATSUMORA's greatest strength lies in the products that take shape through many processes, such as laser processing + tapping, counterboring + bending + welding + machining + surface treatment.

It can handle all of the processes that used to ask several companies to complete.

Capable to handle mass-production metalworking by manufacturing molds and jigs

Leave it to MATSUMORA for progressive presses, single presses and robot welding!

Stamping machine

It performs metal stamping work from prototyping to mass production, including progressive presses and single-shot presses. MATSUMORA can handle small to large, thin to thick plate processing.

In addition, it has a NC leveler called a random feeder that can feed at irregular pitches in progressive presses, which enables the company to reduce the number of processes and scrap loss.

Robot welding

Generally, it takes time to fabricate a robot welding jig. However, in the case of small-lot welding, it is important how quickly and reliably the jig can be fabricated.

MATSUMORA aims to develop jigs that fully achieve its objectives in the minimum amount of time required, and its staff's flexible ideas enable the company to produce jigs with no unnecessary extravagance.

Simple installation-type chain stairs (for escape and climbing)

Useful for emergency evacuations if a tsunami hits and at construction sites on steep slopes!

The stairs are ideal for forest conservation work sites and evacuation if a tsunami hits because they can be easily installed and removed.
Due to the special structure (patent pending), safe and stable stairs can be easily installed at low costs.
According to measurements by Matsumora, there has been more than a 30% increase in climbing speed before and after the installation of the stairs.
The stairs can be easily arranged for direct up-and-down movement as a result of installation on steep mountain roads and embankments.

・Special construction work is not needed. Handrails and other items can also be mounted.
・Installation possible without the use of special or heavy equipment.
・When using dedicated pile driving tools, stairs with handrails can be easily installed.
・Both installation and removal for relocation are simple.

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6-1-3, Fukumanji-Cho Minami, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0843, Japan
Kozo Matsumora
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1971 / 1975
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