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Metal press

Chain stairs for evacuation to higher elevations

Rickshaw for emergency evacuation


Kozo Matsumora

Description of business

MATSUMORA INDUSTRY offers full-scale manufacturing from prototypes for metal pressing, such as progressive or single molds, to mass production. Leave metal pressing of small and large parts and thin to thick sheets up to Matsumora.
It develops and manufactures products that deliver safety and security by taking on the challenge of the development of products for emergency evacuation using this technology.

Products and Technologies

Development of original products using technology that casts MATSUMORA's ideas into shape!

Taking advantage of Matsumora’s high technological skills in metal processing to manufacture products that is beneficial and easy to use.

●Chain stairs (for escape, climbing): Evacuation to high elevations quickly.
・Can be installed on complex terrains
・Structure that allows women and the elderly to easily climb

●Rickshaw: To help people with lower-limb disabilities and the elderly to evacuate
・Saves storage space with the use of a folding chair structure
・Small vibrations thanks to lightweight, urethane tire specifications

Simple installation-type chain stairs (for escape and climbing)

Useful for emergency evacuations if a tsunami hits and at construction sites on steep slopes!

The stairs are ideal for forest conservation work sites and evacuation if a tsunami hits because they can be easily installed and removed.
Due to the special structure (patent pending), safe and stable stairs can be easily installed at low costs.
According to measurements by Matsumora, there has been more than a 30% increase in climbing speed before and after the installation of the stairs.
The stairs can be easily arranged for direct up-and-down movement as a result of installation on steep mountain roads and embankments.

・Special construction work is not needed. Handrails and other items can also be mounted.
・Installation possible without the use of special or heavy equipment.
・When using dedicated pile driving tools, stairs with handrails can be easily installed.
・Both installation and removal for relocation are simple.

Rickshaws that support the evacuation of persons with lower-limb disabilities and the elderly

Wheelchair used for escape by pulling, not pushing

・Type 1: Special induction bracket “rickshaw clasp”
Special induction brackets (patent pending) can be easily attached to commercially available wheelchairs. Clasps can be installed on any wheelchair regardless of dimensions.

・Type 2: Stationary-type rickshaw
Stationary-type rickshaw created with the provision of pull tabs on a chair with wheels. When the pull tabs are pushed down in an emergency, the chair can be converted into a rickshaw.

Type 3: Folding chair-type rickshaw
Folding chair-type rickshaw with wheels that is made with a combination of specialized parts, wheels, and a folding chair. The rickshaw can also be used as an ordinary chair with the removal of the tension pipe.

Random feeder

Overwhelming processing speeds and lower costs!

Absolute achievement of quick delivery and lower costs using the metal press solutions of Matsumora
The secret is the NC leveler feeder, which is called a "random feeder."
Matsumora presents the benefits and detailed images according to the application of the "random feeder."

"Random Feeder" offers:
1) Reduction of processing time
2) Reduction of material waste

Because it allows:
1) to feed materials at an irregular timing even through progressive pressing.
2) to set operation period at shorter period of time for using materials effectively

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6-1-3, Fukumanji-Cho Minami, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0843, Japan
Kozo Matsumora
Founded / Established
1971 / 1975
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