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Product line

Injection molding products using super engineering plastics

Insert molding products

Products with severe dimensional accuracy


Akio Ohigashi

Description of business

DAIPLA corporation is an injection molding manufacturer that can produce complicated and precise insert molding products using super engineering plastics. Among the materials used, there are also materials containing glass fiber and carbon fiber richly.

Products and Technologies

Hollow sealing molding

Product sealed hollowly by insert injection molding

This image is just for show off DAIPLA's hollow sealing molding technology.

It consists of two parts, a transparent plastic lid and case. Boundary surface between a case and a lid are sealed by black colored plastics through hollow injection molding technology.

By doing this, it becomes unnecessary to seal with the epoxy resin that will be a conventional method

Heat dissipation plastics

Ceramic-rich or carbon-rich heat dissipation plastic molding

This new material for heat dissipation is mixed with carbon and ceramics to improve thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. DAIPLA made a pole-type heat sink in order to examine and evaluate the thermal behavior using several material manufactures’ plastics.

As a result of this examination, compared with aluminum heat sinks of the same shape, heat dissipation plastics showed the following performances;
Heat rise is slower, thermal saturation is lower by about 15 degrees and thermal descent is faster.
Strength of this new material is still issue but it is one material with a bright future.

Super engineering plastics injection molding, such as PEEK

Experience of processing of over 950 types of materials, from general purpose to super engineering plastics

Chip carriers are used in semiconductor plants in various processes, such as chemical liquid and heat treatment. PEEK, one of the highest ranks of super engineering plastics, has been adopted for its wear resistance, sliding properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and outgassing properties.

DAIPLA corporation has processed more than 950 types of plastics including super engineering plastics.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
2-2-7, Kamiji, Higashinari-ku, Osaka city, 537-0003, Japan
Akio Ohigashi
Founded / Established
1958 / 1989
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