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Product line

Precision cutting and machining of resin

Trial manufacturing of resin cutting/injection molding

Cutting and machining of various resin materials


Shigemasa Wakabayashi

Description of business

Wakabayashi Seiki (W-Seiki) offers stable products through the integrated production of molding and cutting, based on thorough quality control. W-Seiki carries out precision machining of non-ferrous metals and resins, injection molding of plastics, assembly of equipment unit parts and machining of industrial needles.
With thorough quality control based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, W-Seiki supplies optimal parts for medical equipment through a one-stop system for design, machining, molding, manufacturing, inspection and shipment.

Products and Technologies

Optimal medical equipment parts

Supply of medical equipment parts and devices to customers considering materials, forms and manufacturing methods

●Resin machining specialized for the supply of medical equipment parts

To respond to customers’ needs, W-Seiki proposes optimal production designs after verifying applications, material characteristics and availability, such as precision machining, small-lot and mass production capability, short delivery periods and capability for trial production, based on its experience and technologies over the past 60 years.

●Manufacturing products customers can actually use

By understanding the intentions of designers and making use of ideas and experience as much as possible, W-Seiki aims to be partner that can satisfy the needs of its customers by not only shaping products, but also creating something that is truly useful for its customers.

“Integrated production” for molding and cutting

Provision of stable products through integrated production and potential for additional work after molding

●High-precision cutting and machining

Reduces costs through connections with robots promoting automation, such as lathe machining, 5-axis machining, combined machining and nipple/screw machining.

●Injection molding

In addition to nipple and acrylic lens molding, insert processing, and tapping, W-Seiki has begun processing high-temperature resins such as super engineering plastics and engineering plastics.

●Unit assembly

W-Seiki carries out seamless work inside the company on assembly patch lines forming a link between the procurement of parts to shipment and carries out continuous durability tests during inspections.

●Special industrial needles

Special industrial needles are manufactured through various processes, such as the drawing compound, welding, polishing and coating of CUS316L precision stainless steel pipes.

Quality control management system

Quality control based on ISO9001

●Thorough quality control

W-Seiki produces precision products at its manufacturing bases in Osaka and Kobe with thorough quality control based on ISO9001.

●Shipment after final inspection

In-process inspections are carried out in each department. Parts are shipped after a final inspection by inspection staff to maintain high quality.

Corporate Profile

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2-4-6, Mikuni, Toyonaka City, 561-0822, Japan
Shigemasa Wakabayashi
Founded / Established
1957 / 1979
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