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Cyber Craft Co., Ltd.

Product line

Determination and management system for physical and mental fatigue: AQ Flicker

Development of measurement and control equipment, various inspection equipment

Development of IoT systems


Norihito Ozaki

Description of business

Cyber Craft Co., Ltd. is engaged in the contracted development of computer-related equipment and specializes in the development of measurement and control equipment. Cyber Craft is proud of the integrated support system it has built that ranges from planning and development to system design, hardware and software development, IoT system development, prototypes, mass production, and environmental testing to respond to the requests of our customers with highly-specialized technology.

Products and Technologies

Digitize "Fatigue"! Management system to determine mental and physical fatigue

Easy measuring to do before and after work or when entering and leaving the room: AQ Flickr can do it!

AQ Flicker, a quick and easy way to measure fatigue by "flickering"


*For large scale business establishments: Fatigue assessment and visible labor management after an overnight stay.
*Shipping companies: Confirmation of driver overwork through pre-work fatigue testing
*Hospitals and schools: Practical training and teaching materials for mental fatigue assessment.

●Features of AQ Flicker

*Quick inspection time: Compared to conventional methods.
*Accurate inspection: Unique inspection algorithm
*Excellent durability: Suitable for multiple use.
*SD card storage: Save data of multiple testers in CSV format -> data can be managed on a PC.
*Unit: Compact size (170 x 110 x 30 mm), light weight (400 g)

● Flicker fatigue inspection

The flicker value is the frequency at which the LEDs gradually decrease in frequency from blinking at 60 Hz and "flickering" becomes recognizable. Generally, when a person becomes fatigued, the flicker value decreases.
Since this value varies depending on the person and his/her age, it is possible to evaluate fatigue not by absolute value but by "relative value".

To solve your warehousing problems

IoT for picking operations

●Measurement✙Control✙IoT Combination

CyberCraft has solved numerous on-site problems and can provide individualized solutions based on its proven track record. For example, it can solve such problems in warehouse operations!
*IoT picking in warehouses
*IoT system retrofitting to existing systems
*Picking work can be easily done by part-timers.
*Organizing and displaying the position of goods in the warehouse

Please feel free to consult CyberCraft about your problems!

4ch compact data logger

Palm-sized with easy-to-read backlit LCD display

compact data logger

● Record 4ch voltage on SD cards in CSV format

- 0.2 second sampling
- Records 3 months of data on 32G SD card
- Enables free unit conversion with original calibration
- Built-in RTC
- USB 5V feed
- Palm-sized, 80mm (H) x 125mm (W) x 35mm (D))

● Examples of use

- Monitoring voltage and recording measurements of electric currents
- Analysis of problematic defects that occur randomly (debugging)
- Recording data for various sensors for such as temperature and humidity

Wireless measurement system

Ideal for remote monitoring and the introduction of IoT

base unit

● Wireless transmission of analog data from various sensors
(cordless extension unit => base unit)

- Analog input voltage 0-10V (4ch)
- Can connect up to 8 units
- Converted voltage display with user program
- Easy-to-see graph display software, suitable for IoT with LAN connection

cordless extension unit

● Examples of use for measurement systems

- Controlling temperatures in greenhouses
- Managing operation of machinery and equipment
- Less wiring and wireless connections for various sensors

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Cyber Craft Co., Ltd.
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Norihito Ozaki
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