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Product line

Printing on stationaries

Printing on novelties

Printing on automobile parts


Yoshiyuki Hachiuma

Description of business

HACHIUMA PRINTING SERVICES is a company that prints anything with a "shape".It is possible to provide with a wide range of printing, such as pad printing, silk printing, ink jet printing, transfer printing, embroidery, etc.

Products and Technologies

Technologies With wisdom, effort and ingenuity, HACHIUMA prints copy on everything!

Converting five “impossible to print” to “possible to print”

HACHIUMA proposes optimal printing finish by application, such as products, parts, promotional items or gifts. Its members at marketing, design, and manufacturing are working as a one team to analyze, to propose display and process flow.

1) Any shape - flat, curved and uneven surfaces
2) Any material - except gas, fluid or powder
3) Any size -from sewing needle to carpet
4) Any delivery date - responding to customer needs
5) Any quantity - print from one

Make it happen every day! Long distance from Osaka to Kobe! when connecting pad-printed ballpoint pens.

Mass printing with as many as 65 pad printing machines

Printing examples on ballpoint pens and custom-made large pad machines

● Mass printing possible
Need to print 200,000 ballpoint pens every day?
Please leave it to abundant facilities. When connecting them, its distance is from Osaka to Kobe or from Tokyo to Nihonbashi to Yokohama.

● Large size printing is possible
1) A custom-made pad machine to print up to B5 size is also available.
Printing on large sizes, for example, 100 x 150 mm, is also possible even on large plastic bags with wrinkles.

2) Reduced printing process
It corresponds to the printing width from 60% to 70% of the diameter. If the printing space can be widened, copies at two or three lines will be printed on the ballpoint pen in one process.

Color matching technology at sublimation transfer

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-7-13, Mizuhai, Higashi Osaka City, 578-0921, Japan
Yoshiyuki Hachiuma
Founded / Established
1988 / 2013
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50,000,000 yen