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Product line

Design, production and pilot run of injection molds

Injection molds for automobiles, building materials, home appliances, etc.

Reverse engineering of old molds


Kazuya Yamashita

Description of business

YAMAZEN designs and produces plastic injection molding dies, especially precision dies, regardless of the resin material, shape and required accuracy by customers. YAMAZEN will work on mold production and meet the trust of its customers.

Products and Technologies

Capable to develop hard to produce molds

Introduce an exclusive technology to the world market!

A)Electrode processing by wire EDM

To mold accuracy requirement (surface roughness) of ± 10 micron tolerance, YAMAZEN's high processing technology even assures ± 5 microns.

B) Electrode processing by Wire EDM

The shape that was said to be impossible with an electric discharge machine has been put to full use of all technical capabilities, making possible the impossible!

-Realization of 0.05R curved surface machining with electric discharge machine-

Mold production to satisfy customers

Integrated processing from mold design to pilot run!

Quality review meeting on the spot

YAMAZEN is capable to meet customer's requirement with high quality by consistently performing mold design and pilot run product inspection.

Injection machine

Since test molding can be performed in-house,
quality of the mold can be checked each time.
YAMAZEN is in the position to deliver with almost no additional modification.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-5-33, Tamakushicho-Higashi, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0932, Japan
Kazuya Yamashita
Founded / Established
1966 / 1985
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