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Product line

Metalworking: cutting, bending, welding

Various components for equipment (Industrial equipment, food equipment, semiconductor equipment, medical care equipment, construction-related equipment)

Ornamental metal fittings


Yuuki Hirayama

Description of business

NAGISA GIKEN is mainly engaged in sheet metal fabrication and welding to manufacture made-to-order products to meet customers' needs.
It is able to fabricate complex shape parts, shipping at short delivery times and high precision items by making full use of accumulated machining expertise, a variety of equipment, and a production control process system developed by itself.

Products and Technologies

Various metal shape processing from thin to thick plates

Compromise is not an option, the customer's smile is the top priority

Circumferential welding on parts

●Processing to meet customer requests

*From thin to thick plates: 0.1 to 50mm plate thickness
*Assembled weight: MAX 1.5 tons
*Materials processed: SUS, surface treated steel plate, AL, copper, copper alloy, titanium, etc.
*Cutting, bending, welding
Laser cutting; brake & roll bending,; Laser, TIG, semi-automatic welding, etc.
*Cooperation with partner factories for machining, secondary processing, etc.

Internal study to propose

●Systemization that responds to trust

*Integrated manufacturing is possible: Made-to-order products, prototypes and small-lot production
*A proposal-oriented company: Please consult with NAGISA even for products that customers think difficult to process and manufacture.

NAGISA will examine the feasibility of production from a different point of view, making use of accumulated expertise. And will also provide drawings for dimensional checks at the time of delivery.

Integrated production process with no specific production category

NAGISA is up to the challenge! Please contact first even it looks difficult to produce

Fiber Laser Welding

●Please contact NAGISA first! Difficult to process items with short lead times

No one can say "I can't" to a processing request at NAGISA. First let’s think and figure out how to process it.

*Manufacturing that makes the most of expertise with a wide variety of processing facilities

*Assembled products are also available: Close cooperation with partner companies

Be a group of professionals who can lead the next generation

Selected young staff, precise skill transfer

Passing on skills

●Management philosophy:
"Treasure the smiles of colleagues, take pride in manufacturing, and be a group to lead the manufacturing industry of the future."

*Staff average age in the 30s:
Selected members promote multi-skilled workers by sharing their skill

Valuing daily encounters and friends, NAGISA looks forward to future development, growth, and coexistence and co-prosperity with customers.
And NAGISA promises to become a group that is professional and capable of taking on the manufacturing industry of the future.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-3-3 Kitakameicho , Yao City, Osaka, 581-0066, Japan
Yuki Hirayama
Founded / Established
2020 / 2021
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5,000,000 yen
Major account
Trading companies and manufacturers of metalworking and machinery and equipment, architectural and design firms