Event: Special product exhibition to prevent "droplets infection" (from June 22 to August 31)

The MOBIO Tech Hall re-opened on May 25.


Recently, MOBIO has been frequently inquired of "Products related to splash infection control" by companies and organizations. Utilizing core technologies, a lot of MOBIO companies have developed new products and are planing to display them first time at the special booths in the Tech Hall. Please visit MOBIO and take a look!

●Exhibition period: From Monday, June 22 to Monday, August 31 (week days).

●Venue: MOBIO Tech Hall, Special Exhibition Corner



●Yamamoto Optical Co., Ltd.: Face shield glasses, goggles

1 200.jpg 2.jpg

● Kawashima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Face shield, soft eco mask

41 150.jpg 31 150.jpg

● Watanabe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Spraying equipment

パネル案.JPG P1200534.JPG

●Mind Co., Ltd.: Ear strap for mask

rd IMG_4230.jpg P1220581.JPG

● Emtopia Co., Ltd.: Prototypes of face shields, mask protectors, etc.

IMG_2561.jpg IMG_2565rd.jpg

● JOUNAN CO., LTD.: Prototypes of face shields, mask band

P1230016rd.jpg P1230017rd.jpg

MAKOTO BIONICS Inc.: Portable hook

P1230024rd.jpg P1230023rd.jpg

EIGHT-TEC. CO., LTD.: Mask cover

P1230039rd.jpg P1230042rd.jpg