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Product line

Hand tools

Fastener and fastening tools

Electrician and crimp tools


Toshitame Jibiki

Description of business

Ever since its founding, Lobtex has continued to manufacture products to serve customers and society for about 130 years. Although the times have changed, Lobtex continues to evolve and develop. Still, it remains committed to serving customers by manufacturing tools that are convenient, easy to use and which make work more efficient. In these modern times of material riches, our corporate belief is that we also need to pursue spiritual richness. Getting users, and especially children who represent our future, to experience the joy, satisfaction and sense of achievement to be had from using tools to make things will contribute to society and build a bright future. The mission of Lobtex is to help make this happen.

Products and Technologies

Ultra-high-speed riveting, Lightweight body causes less arm fatigue.

Cordless riveter R2B1

Cordless Riveter R2B1

・Riveting cycle time
 Lobtex conventional model R1B1: 1.7 sec. ⇒ R2B1: 0.8 sec.
 (High speed equivalent to that of Lobtex’s fastest air riveter R1A1)

・Comparison in weight of cordless riveter (including battery)
 Lobtex conventional model R1B1: 1.9 kg ⇒ R2B1: 1.7 kg
 (200 g weight reduction!)

* Lobtex air riveter R1A1

Air Riveter AR-011X Series AR011MX/HX

Coming out newly-evolved X series in a globally-recognaized AR-011Series.

Air Riveter

・With its toughness of AR-011 Series
・Longer stroke from 14mm to 16mm (AR011MX)
・Applicable to Stainless Steel Rivet owing to Ultra Jaws and "Softset"(*) technology (Shockless)
・Easy Jaw maintenance by One-touch detachable Jaws Case
・With built-in Silencer
・User-friendliness with Rotary joint and soft Safety cover
・Customizable: Optional parts available (Short trigger and Straight joint)

(*)Softset shockless technology offers ergonomically correct action to minimize risk of CTDs(cumulative trauma disorders).

Automatic Riveting Unit, ARU111M

Integrated tools into an articulated robot, automatic riveting is possible even at hard to fasten location!

An Automatic Riveting Unit

● An automatic riveting unit

Lobtex has developed an automatic riveting unit, ARU111M, in order to respond to rapidly growing demand of automatic riveting of blind rivets.
It reaches and fastens rivets even at hard to fasten location by integrated operation with an articulated robot.

● Keep on moving

Lobtex is making best effort to maintain established corporate philosophy, to manufacture high quality and handy tools at reasonable cost.Lobtex continuously challenges and moves forward to make customers satisfied.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
12-8 Shijo-cho, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 579-8053, Japan
Toshitame Jibiki
Founded / Established
1888 / 1923
Company URL

960,000,000 yen
Major account
DIY stores, manufacturers of automobile parts, plumbing equipment and cutting tools, and builders

Patent, Design Right, ISO9001, ISO14001

2012 Good Design award (Air Riveter R1A1/A2)
2014 iF Product Design award (R1B2)
2014 Reddot Design award (R1B1/B2)
2015 Good Design award (Tube cutter TC127)