Web Event :(Apr. 17) Web Cafe Meeting, posted by the exhibitor, KINKI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.



◆◇ Web Event in Japanese ◆◇

As a countermeasure of CONVID-19, MOBIO started to host an internet meetup, Web Cafe Meeting in Japanese.


Date : Apr. 17 (Fri) PM 6:00 - PM 6:30
Admission : Free

Web tool: ZOOM (Be sure it is installed in your PC or tablet)

Application: Advanced registration is required from here in Japanese 申込フォーム with your mail address.

Title: Apr. 17 Web Cafe Meeting / Later MOBIO will inform you of Meeting ID and Password.


Speaker: KINKI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. / Hydraulic cylinder parts (cylinders, cylinder tubes, cylinder rods)