Posted : Jan 21, 17

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New Year's Resolution? ... Watch, Listen and Talk at MOBIO Cafe Meeting

MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. On January 18, 15 exhibitors explained their technologies and exchanged ideas in the MOBIO Tech Hall.

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L:Industrial design models - TAISEI MONAC CO., LTD.

R:Resin extrusion molded products - TOHO CO., LTD.

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L:Formed rubber parts - IZUMO CO., LTD.

R : Precision cut plastic components - SAKAI SEISAKUSYO CO., LTD.

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L:Processing of silicon sponges - MATUYAMA CO., LTD.

R:Custom made industrial heaters - KAWAI CORPORATION

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L:Shackle hook & Fiber sling - TAIYO SEIKI IRON WORKS CO.,LTD.

R:Precision parts machining & assembly - TENKING CO., LTD.

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L:Brazed joints & glass adapters - FUJITSU TOKKI COMPONENTS LTD.


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L:Weatherability (light resistance) Testing - KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD.

R:Precision resin parts - NetCrew Co., LTD.

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L:Prototype manufacturing - ARICE CO., LTD.

R:Stamped prototype precision metal parts - NISHIMURA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.

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Carbotex brand polycarbonate resins - KOTEC CORPORATION



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Following to the presentation, exhibitors took questions and replied to particiopants at their booths.

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Discussion continued off the Tech Hall location. Osaka SMEs will keep on going in the year of 2017 as well.

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The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting is scheduled on Feb. 2 (Tue) from PM 6:00 to PM 8:30 with the presentation by 9 companies from "Kansai New Selection 2017" exhibition.



1) YAMADA GIKEN CO., LTD. / Hydroelectric generated outdoor lamp

2)TOKO CORPORATION / Pent roof ventirator


Low Reflection & High Optical Absorption
Blackening electroless plating

4) SHINYEI Technology Co.,LTD. / TDLAS Moisture Analyzers

5) Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co., Ltd. / Washable Silk

6) A &S SYSTEM Co,. LTD. / Rust proof fastener cap, Zinchat

7) YUTAKA CO., LTD. / Image inspection machine

8) Shin-Nihon Tech Inc. / Cooling Sprue Bushing, Heat Barrier Hat

9) Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd. / STP Servo Cylinder