Event: "Specialty Display by 18 Skillful Companies" in the MOBIO Tech Hall

MOBIO Tech Hall started "Specialty Display by Skillful Companies" displaying new items developed by 18 exhibitors. Theme is

"Let's be "strong," "beautiful," and "vigorous",even with COVID-19".


Recently, MOBIO has been frequently inquired of "Products related to splash infection control" by companies and organizations. Utilizing core technologies, a lot of MOBIO companies have developed new products and are planing to display them first time at the special booths in the Tech Hall. Please visit MOBIO and take a look!

●Exhibition period: From March 8 to August 31 (week days).

●Venue: MOBIO Tech Hall, Special Exhibition Isle



●ACTWORKS CO., LTD.:Manage Cube PC Remote

●EIGHT-TEC. CO., LTD.:Professional sprayer

● Emtopia Co., Ltd.: Prototypes of face shields, mask protectors, etc.

●OSAKA SEKIZAI CO., LTD.:Stone puzzle

●OKUNO GLOBAL TEC. CO., LTD.: Foot-operated bottle stand

● Kawashima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Face shield, soft eco mask

●SANKO GIKEN CO., LTD.: Face shield

● JOUNAN CO., LTD.: Mask band

●SEMI KOGYO CO., LTD.:Staple Wall-It

●TAIYO PARTS CO., LTD.: Foot-operated bottle stand

●TOMONO PRINTING CO., LTD.: Mask storage pouch

●VESS CO., LTD.: Cosmetic Tools


●Mind Co., Ltd.: Ear strap for mask

●MATUSITA CO., LTD.: Mask storage stand

●Yamamoto Optical Co., Ltd.: Face shield glasses, goggles

●YKE CO., LTD.: CO₂ measuring device

● Watanabe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Spraying equipment

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